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    21 DECEMBER 2018 | 23:00 – 04:00 | EFFENAAR EINDHOVEN


    JP Enfant op MASCHINE in Eindhoven


    JP Enfant is a resident at De School, arguably the best club in the Netherlands. Name any good techno festival or club and he has played there; DGTL Madrid, Dekmantel, Fabric London, Awakenings, BASSIANI.. the list goes on and on. JP Enfant takes you on a deep trip with his hypnotizing and melancholic techno style. He is the owner of the renowned label ‘LET – Les Enfants Terribles’ which releases are played by all the top DJs.

    Sander Chan draait op MASCHINE 10


    Sander Chan lives and breathes MASCHINE. As a co-founder and resident he knows what works, yet always manages to surprise the crowd with an interesting track selection and proper mixing. His first releases are on the way and there are more to come. Keep an eye on this promising talent from Eindhoven.

    DJ El Greco Eindhoven


    El Greco is a veteran in the techno scene. He is heavily inspired by Detroit and some say he is the lost twin brother of Robert Hood. You might have seen him last summer in a tunnel around Eindhoven where he played the most funky and energetic set only a Detroit lover could play. El Greco is associated with Dommelvallei and organized legendary parties, such as E-Troit and PACT Festival, where he played alongside techno heroes Joey Beltram, Octave One, Detroit Techno Militia and Underground Resistance.


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      22 september 2018 | 23:00 – 04:00 | EFFENAAR EINDHOVEN

      LINE UP

      Cynthia Spiering


      Hold tight, cause Cynthia Spiering is coming to take over the Effenaar. She is one of the few DJs of which you instantly know that she will rise to stardom. Her uncompromising track selection and amazing DJ skills set her apart from the competition. The pumping sound in her sets can also be heard in her own releases. She’s played along alongside DJs such as Amelie Lens, DJ Rush, Rebekah and Kobosil and it won’t take long before she’ll be headlining all major techno festivals.

      Sander Chan draait op MASCHINE 10


      Sander Chan is a well-known DJ for MASCHINE visitors. His dark and energetic sets have made him a favorite in the Eindhoven techno scene. No matter if he’s playing in a tunnel, basement or main stage, he can read the crowd and give them what they need.

      joanna derlo


      Joanna Derlo impressed while making her Eindhoven debut at King-S. She’s inspired by artists such as Rødhåd, Oscar Mulero, Dax J and Marcel Dettmann. Her style perfectly fits the dark sound MASCHINE stands for. Keep an eye on this upcoming lady.


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      MASCHINE 5 – Bevrijdingsnacht Techno

        5 MAY 2018 | 23:00 – 04:00 | EFFENAAR EINDHOVEN

        LINE UP

        Stefan QandA

        STEFAN QandA

        Stefan QandA is better known under his Stefan ZMK alias. He is the king of the free party tekno scene and he’s playing all over Europe. Without a doubt he can be called the best DJ in the Netherlands. Playing three decks and scratching at the same time is no problem for this wizard. Under his Stefan QandA alias you can expect the same skills and versatility as his ZMK sets, but with a focus on techno. He can go from dreamy Extrawelt to industrial Perc to deep Rødhåd to raving The Mover. Be sure to check out this phenomenon and get a taste from the free party scene.


        Sander Chan is a well-known DJ for MASCHINE visitors. His dark and energetic sets have made him a favorite in the Eindhoven techno scene. Abroad he’s also gaining traction with his DJ sets and productions. Having played in Sweden, Germany and Amsterdam he’s on his way to become an established artist.

        Joon Kwak

        JOON KWAK

        Joon Kwak’s name has risen very fast in the Dutch techno scene. He has won the Complex Maastricht DJ contest and became a resident at 212. In Korea he was used to playing large festivals after winning the Red Bull University DJ competition. He went on a national tour with Red Bull and has played major events, such as Electrodash Korea and UMF.


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        MASCHINE 3

          19 MAY 2017 | 23:00 – 04:00 | KETELHUIS EINDHOVEN

          LINE UP

          Abstract Division at Maschine 3 Eindhoven


          Abstract Division is a collaboration between Paul Boex and Dave Miller. We have been a fan of their tracks for years. It’s the perfect combo of straightforward uplifters and hypnotizing soundscapes. They describe it themselves as a “basement vibe with a warehouse feel”. With this sound they’ve already played Berghain, Awakenings, Tresor, Sonar and now MASCHINE in Eindhoven.

          Poon & Relou Maschine Eindhoven

          POON & RELOU

          Your ears will be surprised by two ladies who’s fame is rising. Poon & Relou are familiar faces for anyone who has attended a techno party in Eindhoven in the last years. Those who think raw techno is only for men should definitely come and see these superb DJs.

          Sander Chan techno DJ at Maschine Eindhoven

          SANDER CHAN

          Sander Chan opens MASCHINE this time. Last time the party went through the roof when he played the closing set. It was so loud that one speaker blew up. Oops! Fortunately this was solved during the night and this time we have more power and a better sound system to make it Chan proof.



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          MASCHINE 2.0

            11 MAART 2017 | 23:00 – 04:00 | KETELHUIS EINDHOVEN

            MASCHINE is terug! En hoe! Voor onze volgende editie verhuizen we naar het industriële Ketelhuis met een line up om je vingers bij af te likken.

            LINE UP

            Lady Aïda Eindhoven Maschine

            Lady Aïda

            Godmother, Queen, The First Lady of Techno… allemaal titels die zijn gebruikt voor Lady Aïda! En daar is niets aan overdreven. Lady Aïda is zo ontzettend belangrijk geweest voor de technoscene in Nederland dat we niet eens weten waar we moeten beginnen.

            Ze heeft overal en met iedereen gedraaid. Van illegale raves in Frankrijk tot underground clubs in Helsinki en Berlijn tot podia voor 10.000 man op Extrema en Lowlands. Als DJ stond ze te draaien met Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Rolando en alle andere techno pioniers.

            Speciaal voor MASCHINE neemt ze haar platen nog een keer uit de kast met een set waarin alle classics voorbij komen. Een must see voor iedereen die ook maar iets met techno te maken heeft!

            Hakim Midhat Maschine Eindhoven

            Hakim Midhat

            Een snelle stijger. Zo kunnen we Hakim Midhat wel noemen. Hij won de DJ contest van Melodiep, stond al op Lakedance, TAG Festival  en WISH en is inmiddels een bekend gezicht in de Eindhovense technoscene.

            Sander Chan techno DJ at Maschine Eindhoven

            Sander Chan

            Hij draaide al op de MASCHINE NYE afterparty en tijdens zijn set veranderde Club Fifties in een Berghain aan de Dommel. Met boekingen in Stockholm, Amsterdam en Duitsland timmert hij ook internationaal aan de weg. Bereid je voor op duistere klanken, snerpende acid en diepe bassen.


            Kaarten zijn niet meer online te verkrijgen. Er zijn wel nog genoeg kaarten aan de deur verkrijgbaar voor €10. 

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              1 Januari 2017 | 06:30 – 13:00 | Club Fifties, Eindhoven

              We gaan nog niet naar huis!

              Stel je goede voornemens maar uit tot 2 januari, want MASCHINE trekt de nacht door tot 13:00 uur. Eindhoven’s finest nemen je mee op een techno-avontuur van Detroit naar Berlijn en weer terug naar Eindje.

              LINE UP

              rick angel

              Rick Angel (Awakenings, Zodiak Commune)

              Sander Chan techno DJ Eindhoven

              Sander Chan (Studio 80, Morfar Ginko Stockholm)

              DJ Enerjay

              EnerJay (Technosis, Grenswerk)