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    10 JUN 2023 | 23:00 – 04:00 | Effenaar, Eindhoven


    BOSTON 168

    BOSTON 168 (LIVE)

    This Italian duo has been at the forefront of the international techno scene for almost a decade. Growing up in the industrial city of Turin, they were so used to the beat of mechanical sounds that producing acid techno came natural to them 🤖🤖

    For their live set they’ve found the perfect gear to pay homage to their industrial roots, such as the TR909 and 707 drum computers, TB303 acid machine and Avalon synthesizer. We can’t wait to see the masters of acid techno working their machines at MASCHINE! 🖤

    Sander Chan


    As the co-founder of MASCHINE he stands for its signature sound of dark and hypnotising techno. Sander strives to take the crowd on a trip full of unexpected twists and turns 🫠 This approach has made him a regular in both tunnel raves and abandoned warehouses as well as festival main stages 🫡



    This upcoming DJ is at the forefront of a new wave of artists from the Netherlands. Her uncompromising style, flow of mixing and stage presence has made her a popular guest in DJ booths all over the Netherlands 🖤Rausch loves to groove. We know it’s an overused word lately, but this word was invented to describe Rausch 😎 This connaisseur and co-founder of Bauplan loves pounding, old school and tribal techno. Expect tracks you’ve never heard before that make you wanna go to the front of the dance floor! 🥵

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